mower shown mowing grass

Do You Like Your Lawn Mower…..?

It seems like a silly question to ask, but if your property and landscaping mean anything to you it’s a question that you need to respect and consider.  Do you like the lawn mower you’re using?  Is it something you enjoy using?  And does it make your lawn look like something worth your time?

The fact is that in a national poll conducted by various manufacturers the majority of people asked actually respond negatively.  “It gets the job done,”  is the statement most often heard.  And why is that significant?

Because if mowing the lawn is something you dread…here’s what happens.  1)  You put it off as a priority and let the grass get too long.  That creates excessive clippings, which creates problems like thatch and disease.  2)  When you do get around to mowing you do it in a hurry, and probably cut too close, trying to buy time until you have to mow it again.  This, too, causes thatch and disease.  3)  If you don’t enjoy the mower you’re using you probably don’t do the proper maintenance, like oil changes, but especially blade sharpening.  And if you mow with dull blades it makes for a bad looking job and ultimately, more problems with clippings and disease.

It’s time you owe to yourself and your property.  Why not make it enjoyable time, as well?

Mowing is one of the most important duties with home ownership, and if you don’t enjoy it, or try to do it well, or make your property look as good as it should…then why bother.  Live in a downtown condo.

Contemporary mowers are not like those you grew up with – more efficient, lighter, and more eco-friendly.  Electric models frankly make more sense than electric cars.  And every generation of mulching push mower comes with predictable improvement.  If your property is big enough for modern zero-turning-radius models, they, too, are comfortable and easily give a professional-looking result.  More, the investment in a mower of that size holds its value.  The market for used zero mowers is very strong if you anticipate having to sell and move.

Final words:  Nothing is more miserable than working with a piece of equipment you hate, or that makes the job tougher and undesirable.  And for homeowners, lawn mowers are at the head of the list.  Mowing is a thing that you could enjoy, and should enjoy as time devoted to yourself and your investment.  Like your car, your home, or even friends…why settle for less?