man watering newly seeded lawn around a pool

While The Snow Flies…”Plan” Now For A Better, “Simpler” Yard

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon.

No, anyone can look outside this week and see snow.  They can feel freezing temperatures.  The concern is getting to work each day, keeping warm, and getting through ten more weeks (officially) of winter.

Your lawn is the last thing on your mind.  Your landscaping looks dead and lifeless.  Cruel is the impact of cold weather and dormancy on plants.  You have the comfort of being inside.  They…do not!

But while your property may be out of sight, there’s no reason for it to be out of mind.  Hence the topic of our latest feature update on the new Ever-Green site.  There are things to think about…lots of them.

Starting with…the design of your lawn, and the efficiency with which you mow and care for it.  One thing’s sure, if it’s laid out in awkwardly it’s going to be an awkward process to mow and maintain it.  And how many times have you cussed to yourself when you’ve had to get off your mower to trim around landscaping features…edges, rocks, beds, poles, feeders, ponds, etc…that could have been placed differently, more conveniently, in the first place?  Huh?

Well, now’s a good time to take a piece of paper and do some redesign sketching.  That’s right, rocks and poles can be moved.  Beds can be outlined in a manner in which the average lawn mower can easily mow up against its lines.  The same with ponds.

Better yet, if you’re considering putting in a new yard this spring as part of your new home, by all means consider the after impact of where you place the individual features of your landscaping.

And consider, too…think about not only about “what” plants and shrubs you put in your annual and perennial beds, but “where” you put them.  Consider the issues of care and maintenance.  Think about factors like plant tolerance to chemical weed control, especially.  That is, if you have issues with being on your hands and knees, pulling…or worse, cussing the weeds that you can’t, or won’t, pull.

Ask yourself good questions pertaining to any new planting, or redesign of an existing landscape.  If you don’t like your answers, call the professionals at Ever-Green.  By all means, use this site as a convenient reference by subscribing to the regular updates and receiving them in your email. Consider “what” you plant, and “where” you plant.  You’ll have a easier life, and you’ll better enjoy your outside chores in the yard…we guarantee!

We’re there to help!