tree with fall leaves

Fall Tips…

If you’re a regular reader of our periodic posts on the front page and the newsletter, it becomes almost redundant to remind people about the simple steps to maximizing your lawn’s appearance at different stages of the year.

Yes, it’s important to fertilize periodically. Yes, it important to control weeds before they become an infestation. Yes, it’s important to mow at the right height…to irrigate properly and at the best time of the day, considering the climate conditions.

But it’s also important to remember that fall and winter is the best time to ensure a quick and healthy start for your yard next spring. That’s right…October and November feedings help the roots of your turf restore themselves before winter dormancy, like milk and a snack before you go to bed, if you will.

In fact, there are those in the industry who will make the claim that fall feeding of your lawn is the “most important” feeding of the year…to restore vigor to plants that have suffered through the heat and humidity of a harsh summer. And I think we can all remember…we just went through one of the harshest in recent memory.

Our fall tip…if you have limited time and resources to spend on your lawn, spend it now. It only makes whatever you do next spring better!

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