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What Is the Right Seed…?

Without question a lot of people will be reseeding their lawns in the next two weeks. It is the perfect time.

Warm days and cool nights are optimum for seed germination and root establishment. Couple that with some fall rains, some good starter fertilizer, and you’ve got all the makins’ of a fuller, greener lawn next spring.

That is, if you correctly match the seed with the respective growing condition.

For instance, if you’re seeding an area that gets plenty of sunlight you’ll want to stay with the proven rye and bluegrass varieties. If you’re trying to grow grass under trees you’ll want to go with some of the shade fescue varieties. They’re clearly identified on the packaging and taking a minute to read will save you time and most of all, frustration.

Put the right seed on the right soil and you’ll get immediate results, within 7 days, as with the shade variety of fescue pictured above. And best, it will continue to flourish as an established, mature plant.

But put the “wrong” seed on that soil, and you’ll end up seeding again next year when the plant withers and dies for lack of sunlight and nutrition taken by the trees.

For more information about seeding and seed varieties, call the professionals at Ever-Green and simply ask. Remember, there are no dumb questions…if you want to do it right the first time!

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