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To Make A Good Yard Better…

Do these three things: 1) aerate, 2) fall fertilize, and 3) over-seed any dead patches you might have to ensure that your lawn can endure the stress of summer.

To Make A Good Yard Better…
It is that time of year when a lot of people look at their lawn with one of these two attitudes:
1.    The grass has greened up with recent cool weather and frequent rains, making them forget the misery of a hot, dry July…the “brownout” and resulting dead patches. “What’s the use?” some would say. “Regardless of what I do it always looks this way during a drought, and it always comes back on its own.”
2.    Or, there are those who consistently have a great looking yard, despite dry weather, because they take three steps in the fall to ensure that their lawn is in peak health despite the absence of summer rain. A) They aerate in the fall, to help establish a deeper, healthier root system. B) They give it a good fall feeding of nitrogen, to make sure those roots are vigorous when they go dormant…ready to explode come April. C) They over-seed to ensure that the patches (if there are any) have new, healthy life before winter that’s free of weeds next spring.
The combined cost to do this for the average 5,000 ft residential lawn is probably a hundred dollars and an afternoon’s work. But the photos don’t lie. A lot of lawns suffered this summer, but the ones that get these three steps of fall care are the ones that bounce back first…and always look the best.

Call us at Ever-Green if you want to know how…to make a good yard better!


“Our lawn is very important to us, and thanks to Ever-Green it’s never looked better.”

Pam and Jason Sommer – Covington, Ohio

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