image of Patti with a dog

One Important Anniversary….

Ever-Green celebrated an important anniversary last week.  For while things change rapidly in the lawn care industry in terms of products and technology, one important constant in our company has not for the past 37 years…Patty Johnston.

For you see, Patty, our office manager and company controller, has been with us since the formation of Ever-Green, and before it was actually known as Ever-Green, for the past 37 years.  She handles all the paperwork, pays all the bills, takes all the calls, manages the invoices and keeps it all straight.

If quality of service is the one important constant at Ever-Green, it’s fair to mention that it all starts with Patty, that calm and friendly voice you hear on the other end of the phone.

“It’s been a good 37 years,”  she’ll tell you.  “The customers that have been with us for so many years have become like family.  You look forward to hearing from them each year.”

The toughest part of her job…not the constant shuffling of paper and invoices, but the constant change in technology increasingly means change in how she manages it all.

“You become efficient in doing it the way you have for all these years,”  she says.  “New computers and software means learning it all over again.”

But Patty and “Izzi”, her GoldenDoodle get it done…all of it…which makes our company logo of “Quality Since 1976” all the more poignant, and all the more important.  It all starts with Patty when she answers that phone.  They don’t come better.  Discover for yourself.

Give her a call sometime.