image of men spreading mulch around trees

Plan Now, Plan Well, For Spring Mulch

It’s become a cultural standard for more attractive, and more efficient, landscaping design.  Nearly everyone uses hardwood mulch now for decoration and contrast in their yard and perennial beds.

But for the sake of efficiency alone, you can save yourself a lot of work during the growing season, decorative advantages notwithstanding, by applying a little mulch on your property this spring.

For instance, a two-inch layer of mulch acts as a great barrier to weeds, especially when you put some pre-emergent weed preventative down under it.  Think about that when you consider the number of hours you might otherwise spend pulling grass and thistles out of your beds this summer.

Mulch also helps with moisture retention, saving valuable ground water from spring and early summer rains during the dog days of July and August.  More moisture means healthier, greener plants…in your beds and around young, immature tree plantings in your yard.

And, mulch is bio-degradable, meaning that as it decomposes over time it creates valuable compost that helps enrich your soil.

Now you might not see all those benefits of mulching at first, but over time you’ll find that the look of your property and the decrease in back aches will go up proportionately.

The price for the average property?  Depending on who installs it, “nominal” compared to the benefits.  Put it on your “to do” list now.  Check out the cost and benefits before spring and make it part of your landscaping budget before another year rolls by.  Call us (937-335-6418) and let us help.

Plan now, and plan well, for spring mulch!