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Spring Optimism…!

Without a doubt many of you are chomping at the bits for 70, or even 60 degree days and the opportunity to get out on your lawns…the enjoy the fruits of labor past and prepare through eternal optimism for your best lawn ever in 2015.

Others, though, have told us that they’re no so optimistic, given the run of harsh summers we’ve had in the past three years…either too wet, or too dry.  Both can be tough on lawn and landscaping, and you know the odds.  Seldom do those living in the Midwest have the perfect growing summer.

“It doesn’t seem to matter what I do in the spring,”  we’ve heard.  “My lawn always turns brown and dies in August.”

Obviously, they do turn brown.  But technically, if you have a healthy under your lawn it doesn’t “DIE”.  Grass turns brown, in most cases, due to simple heat stress.  It “DIES” because of unhealthy conditions…hard, compacted soil, lack of nutrition, and competition from weeds.  So the questions remains for those on the verge of giving up…is there anything that can help me come August?

Yes, if you’re one of those with the perennial issue of brown grass in August consider that your root system could be supplemented by better cultural practice in the fall and spring.  AERATE early so that more oxygen and nutrient can get to the roots of your grass.  This will promote new, healthy, and deeper roots that will help sustain color and overall plant vigor during the “dog days” of summer.

We wrote about this just three weeks ago, and suggest that you check out the chart (Feb. 18 post The Best Thing You Can Do (Right Now) For Your Lawn) for a graphic illustration of aeration benefits.

We agree, spring optimism is wonderful.  But we’re also realistic.  New homes with contractor dirt (lack of quality topsoil) can struggle for years to develop a lush and healthy cover of good turfgrass.  Like a puppy or a kitten, if you’re willing to cater to its needs it will respond.

If you want to add some honor to your optimism this spring, call Ever-Green today for valuable advice and tips on how this can the year you beat the odds of summer.