image of grass after lawn care

The Best Thing You Can Do (Right Now) For Your Lawn…

We’ve written about this for years, because for years people have asked the same question before they close the garage door on their mower for the winter.

“What’s the best think I can do for my lawn before next spring?”

The answer is always the same.  There is one thing you can do (and probably the best thing you can do) for your lawn that’s always in season…that’s core aeration.  And before the ground becomes frozen now’s a great time to plug your lawn and help it absorb moisture, fertilize and seed prior to the next growing season.

The holes from displaced plugs (above) allow for better absorption of water, oxygen, nutrition, and seeding.

Once again, a simple reminder of how “aeration”, or plugging, your lawn creates breaks the hardpan surface, thatch, promotes room for new root growth, and helps nutrients and moisture get to the vital growth zone of your lawn.  It doesn’t matter if you do it late in the fall, or early in the spring.  Your lawn will have plenty of predictable wet weather to allow the holes to fill in and grass to grow with a vengeance come the warm days of April.

Fall, or dormant, seeding, especially,  is better absorbed into the topsoil and you get better efficiency with spring germination when you “aerate”.

If you have questions about it, call us at Ever-Green.  We do a lot of it every year and the impact is dramatic come later next summer when the weather turns hot and dry…when you’ll have stronger, healthier roots under ground, and greener, healthier grass above ground.

You can always look at an “aerated” lawn and tell the difference.  It’s the best thing you can do for your lawn…right now!