close image of tall green grass

The Importance Of That First Mowing….

May no mistake, regardless of when you start mowing your lawn this spring, the first time you mow is one of the most important cuts of the year.

Why?  For a number of obvious, as well as no-so-obvious, reasons.  But for our purposes here…just a few.

One, if you wait too long to cut it you’re going to end up with a lot of clippings and dead grass.  We don’t have to list all the bad things that represents, but just a few…it looks bad, it creates thatch, a smothering effect on your lawn, and added work if you attempt to rake and clean it up.

Two, the first cut of the spring is important to get the dead grass tips left by winter removed from healthy plants.

Three, it’s often good to drop the height of your mower by a quarter to a half inch so as to give a uniform look to your lawn…so that the grass grows uniformly from the first mowing on, not some spots higher than others.  But remember, not more than a half inch beneath what you’d normally cut.  You don’t want to scalp or create excess clippings.

Four, the first cut of spring sends a signal to the roots of your plants to grow and renew.  It actually promotes good, healthy plant growth.  That’s why many people say that once you cut the grass for the first time, you’d better be ready to cut it as often as its needed afterwards.

Last, most people take the time to pick up the trash and tree limbs that have blown in and fallen over the winter.  Do this before you mow, of course.  It looks better and there’s less to pick up.

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