sprinkler watering a lawn

Water On Demand…Your Irrigation System!

Knock wood, most people have not had to water their lawns this summer.  It’s been that kind of year…lower than normal temperatures and above average amounts of rain.  The perfect scenario for most residential lawns that now in mid-August are green, growing, and beautiful.

But even wet summers are hit and miss with some areas, and some cities.  And for that fact there are some people with in-ground irrigation systems who now for the first time are resorting to “water on demand”… and finding that just like natural rainfall, things can go wrong when you turn on the switch, as well.

When Ever-Green expanded services three years ago one of those services added was comprehensive care of residential irrigation systems, and now that you might need that service it’s an important option if you’re already using us for lawn care and landscaping.  And if you’re one of the fortunate few that hasn’t had to water yet, before you do a summer inspection might be a good idea.

Before you really need water

Before you really need water it’s a good idea to check for leaks and make sure heads are aimed properly.

It’s a good idea to find leaks in heads, pipes, and valves.  And if you lawn demands water during the “dog days” of August that’s no time to discover that your irrigation pump is pooped out!

Assuming that everything is tight, it’s always wise to check for head efficiency, to make sure that your entire lawn is being covered, and that individual heads are aim properly and delivering the proper gallons per minute.

The early returns on our commitment to irrigation service has been great, with plenty of positive feedback.  People appreciate getting the most from what they’ve already paid for, and some are discovering for the first time in years how much more efficient their efforts to water can be…all because of a simple summer inspection.

If you think you could benefit from this service, call us now.  And if you want the peace of mind before you turn things off for the winter, call us later in the fall.  What is it they say, “A stitch in time saves nine?”  That works for  your irrigation system, as well.