image of brown leaves

A Good Thing To Do With Late Leaves…

If you haven’t raked those late leaves to come down yet, we’ll share an option that many are doing successfully and reaping cultural benefits from, as well.

Compare to the photo above…repeated passes through your mower saves raking and will turn leaves into pulverized “compost” that’s becomes good nutrition for your lawn.

Rather than raking, bagging, or hauling them to the curb for the city crews to vacuum up and haul away, a lot of people with zero-turn mowers of more than 20 horsepower are simply “grinding” up those leaves and leaving them on their lawn for winter mulch.

That’s right, leaves that are ground up by repeated passes through the mower’s blades become finely shredded and act as a good insulator during the freeze months of the winter.

And best, they don’t become thatch;  rather they decompose during the wet, cold months and become rich compost that improves the fertility of your lawn next spring.  One caution, though.  Make sure they aren’t too thick…too many.  Use some common sense!

So, if your aching back tells you not to rake, bag, and haul leaves to the curb, consider blowing them into a pile and mowing back and forth over the top of them until they become nothing more than…pulverized mulch!  It works like a charm and your back and lawn will appreciate it.  Your back…now.

Your lawn…next spring!