image of a sprinkler watering grass

A Plan To Sustain….

They say, “the best laid plans of mice and men!”  And seriously, is that not what most of us go through on an annual basis, planning for lawn and landscaping?

But there’s simply no accounting for Mother Nature, we say each July, when our best-laid plans are untracked by grubs, or crab grass…and hot, dry weather.

Grubs we can deal with.

Likewise, there are excellent pre-emergent products to control noxious weeds.

Modern residential irrigation systems are practical, efficient, and affordable.

Modern residential irrigation systems are practical, efficient, and affordable.

But hot, dry weather?  More often than not you just sit back and take it;  and wait for another spring, another year.

Except…an increasing number of the frustrated are now taking control of that for which until now they’ve had no control at all.  There are options for dry weather, and they come in the form of practical, efficient, and affordable irrigation systems that give homeowners and landscape planners the ultimate upper hand.  No longer is irrigation out of the question, or even out of the budget.

“A one-time investment in water can actually save thousands of dollars in lost planting and planning over the course of years for the average homeowner,”  says John Judson, a representative of the National Irrigation Foundation.  “The thought is to spend a little now to help guarantee years of successful lawn and landscape planning.  It’s just one more variable off the table;  more control in the hands of the homeowner.”

And, it’s the focus of attention at Ever-Green with the opening of a full-service irrigation installation and service department in the summer of 2015.   Big or small, Ever-Green can bring water and control of nature’s most constant variable to your property.  At the flip of a switch (or timer) you can see your best laid plans come to full growth, color, and fruition.

Call Ever-Green for consultation on how to have at least one upper hand on Mother Nature;  to have the annuals, perennials, and lawn you’ve always wanted…all season long.

Plan now to sustain “your” plan!