image of a newly seeded lawn

A Reminder Regarding Spring Seeding….

Before you pass over or dismiss this blog…consider the fact of any spring seeding you might be planning for your lawn.  Then, read on.

The fact is a lot of people read last week’s post about preventative measures for crabgrass…the fact of putting down a good pre-emergent week killer now, prior to crab germinating and getting a foothold come June and July.

But the fact is, too, that a lot of those same people are planning to seed dead patches in their yard, and in some cases, large areas that withered under last year’s heat and drought conditions.  Areas that never came back with fall rains and cooler temperatures.

Now here’s the part where you need to read, and read closely!  If you are planning to seed your lawn this spring DO NOT apply pre-emergent weed killer for crabgrass control…because pre-emergent not only controls crabgrass germination, but the sprouting of desirable grasses such as fescue, rye, and bluegrass, as well.

Of course, you can do selective applications of pre-emergent to parts of the yard that aren’t being seeded, but it’s good to remind and remember that you cannot do a general covering and expect new grass seed to grow.

And, there are those who ask about “post-emergent” products for crabgrass for later in the summer.  And the answer is, yes, there is a product called “Tenacity”, but it may take more than one application and to some it’s cost prohibitive.

So again, the best control is an early pre-emergent application, but do not put it where you’re planning to sow grass seed.

A timely reminder…regarding spring seeding!