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A Time To Think Outside The Box Of Lawn and Landscape…

Speaking on behalf of Ever-Green, we’re again proud of our commitment to area residential and commercial clients we’ve been privileged to serve throughout 2016.

We’re pleased to provide the employment opportunities to our growing staff, a positive symbol of our company and its evolution within the Miami Valley community.

But at this time of year we’re also pleased most to think beyond the normal perameters of our business image…to include a more human perameter, as well.

Duncan_websiteWe at Ever-Green are highly conscious of those that face hardships and a less joyous holiday season this year, for one reason or another.  It’s the reason why we support projects like “Project Believe” to make the Christmas season a bit more special to kids and families in the Miami County community, reaching out to those who have no family and no home – not even a pair of matching socks!  You can help, if you like, by visiting online to obtain more information about the need for help, as well as the ways in which you may assist.

But more, I would urge you to look as closely as to a neighbor next door, a senior citizen on your block, or to someone you know that needs some simple human interaction, but whose dignity prevents them from admitting they need help…or the company of another human being.

Be that person this holiday season who’s willing to invite an individual, or family, less fortunate into your holiday planning…if only to share an evening (or an hour) of your time.  Please be mindful, and willing, to think outside the box of your normal schedule.  Open your mind to remember that there’s someone out there that you know who could benefit greatly from something as simple as a meal, a phone call, or your attention.

We’re accustomed to growing things at Ever-Green – grass, and shrubs, and flowers.  But right now we’re also mindful that the most important thing we can all help grow is the human spirit.  And like turf and landscaping, it’s not the same for every yard…or for every heart.

Join us in thinking “outside the box” this year.  Plan to help grow something more important for 2017.  Show others so that the spirit of the holidays and human kindness may be passed on from family to family and year to year.

Happy holidays!

Joe Duncan … Ever-Green Turf and Landscape