show room for lawn mowers

Advice On Buying A Mower….

It’s an emotional thing to some, almost like romance.  Believe it or not there people out there to whom buying a new lawn mower is relative to the rest of us buying a new car.

And, with the new technologies and features being offered on the current generation of mowers, the criteria on what to buy is almost like buying a car.  They’re not inexpensive anymore, so it’s important to consider the features important to you…before you buy.

Obviously, you will make the choice of a “walk behind” or a “riding” mower.  That comes down to the size of your lawn and your personal preference.

But where the actual features are concerned on any mower….

1)  Make sure you buy enough mower for the job.  And if you’re buying a walk-behind mulching mower for a smaller yard, make sure you buy enough “horsepower” to do an adequate job of mulching.  Otherwise, you’re going to have less than desirable results and put too much stress on the engine.

2)  If you’re buying a “bagging” attachment for either style of mower, consider things like capacity and efficiency in taking it off and putting it back on (if it’s a walk-behind model);  and ease of dumping it if it’s a riding model.

3)  A lot of people buy “zero turn” models for the fact of the pretty stripes they leave with the mowing process.  But remember…”striping” is directly proportional to blade velocity, so make sure your mower has engine enough to do a good job of striping.  Most “zero turns” purchased now cut at least 54 inches, so anything 22 horsepower and above should be adequate.

4)  Consider the maintenance on your mower before you buy.  Ask good questions…about ease of changing oil, oil filters, blade removal for sharpening, air filters, etc.  You’ll be glad you did someday, unless you hire the dealer to do the servicing for you.

5)  And finally, consider the dealer from which you buy.  It’s always good to know that they have an adequate supply of parts.  Do they provide a “loaner” if your mower is in for service for an extended period?  And again…buy brands you know.  Name brands like John Deere, Toro, Snapper, and Dixon are well-known for a reason.  They’re tested and trusted in the field.

Trust it, Ever-Green mows a lot of grass, and we buy a lot of mowers.  The things we’ve listed here are the same things we consider before we buy.

As a rule of thumb…you should, too!


*  Showroom art of display mowers courtesy of Koenig Equipment, in Tipp City