image of wet grass

Another, Different Issue Of Summer Mowing….

If you’re a frequent visitor to the Ever-Green site you by now know that we recommend a minimum height of about 3.5 inches for average summer mowing.  This helps keep your lawn green while minimizing the stress on individual plants.  It’s pretty much a universal recommendation from every turf and landscaping source.

But so far this summer there’s nothing average.  That is, it hasn’t been dry.  You’re not having to protect your lawn from a lack of water, but rather, there’s a need now to consider mowing for the fact of too much water…and above-average growth, as shown in the photo above.

Just as important as limiting stress for lack of water, it’s important now to minimize the amount of clippings you leave on your lawn.  In particular, you want to avoid “clumps” of clippings at all costs;  because those clumps will “cook” the healthy grass underneath, leaving dead spots and promoting fungus disease.

So, just like in dry summer weather, raise the deck a bit now in “wet” summer weather to avoid excessive clippings and clumps on your lawn.  And thank God for the rain, too.  For the first time in five years most of us will enjoy a lush, green, healthy lawn all summer long.

Just like we planned.