image of a man planting bushes and flowers

Beds (Landscaping) Don’t Last Forever…

In a matter of days, if you haven’t already, you’re going to look at some of your landscaping and wonder.

One, you’re going to wonder if it’s going to come out this spring, as it has in the past?

Two, you’re going to see weeds – grass, thistle, and dandelions – that weren’t there before, and wonder how to get rid of them?

Three, you’re going to say to yourself.  I’m tired of this and want something new – a different look with some different color.

Whatever your particular design, add color to your overall landscaping scheme. It’s seasonal, it’s affordable, and sure to make your property a talked-about focal point in the neighborhood. Ever-Green can help!

The fact is…all of this is true, and as annual as the grass turning green.  Landscaping, and beds, don’t last forever.  Shrubs, on average, last for about twelve years before disease and overgrowth become a problem.  Even with constant maintenance and pruning, they just get old.

And there is no fail-safe method of weed prevention.  Unless you live in a bubble the wind brings airborne seeds that turn into thistle and dandelions – even weeds you’ve never heard of.  And the best way of starting clean is an overall renovation with pre-emergent control.

Use colors to highlight and accent the look of your property. It’s easy. Ask us how!

And color in a spring and summer bed is too easy to change.  If you’re tired of the same tulips, the same lilies, and other annuals, it’s not that hard, or expensive to incorporate a new look.  Fall is the better time with bulb varieties, but petunias provide a gorgeous ground cover and they can be planted as soon as the ground temperature reaches 50 degrees.

The point is…we might be talking to you.  It might just be time for a landscaping facelift.  If that’s the case call us for help in pulling out those old burning bushes and crab apples, plants with deep and tough roots to extract.  And take advantage of our designers who can show you by computer what that same area could look like with a makeover of fresh perennials and annuals.

Remember that nothing lasts forever if it grows.  Just your dissatisfaction if you’re tired of it.  We can help.