stadium lawn with striping

Better Athletic Fields…On A High School Budget

Here’s our annual reach out to area school officials and athletic directors, ever-diligent in their efforts to grow a better, safer, and more durable playing surface for their football, baseball, soccer and softball programs.

We’re here to say…it doesn’t have to break the district’s budget to grow a playing surface that’s lush, weed-free and durable enough to withstand the heaviest of traffic.

Using the Newton High School soccer facility as an example (above photo), Ever-Green seeded this project first in the fall of 2011 with a new hybrid “thermal blue” variety of bluegrass, developed to withstand hot summers and high traffic.  And best, aggressive growing…”thermal blue” literally grows back its divots before the first killing freeze of winter.

One of the best features of "thermal blue" is its aggressive root system and ability to regrow its divots in a short amount of time.

One of the best features of “thermal blue” is its aggressive root system and ability to regrow its divots in a short amount of time.

The best thing about this variety…it has shown that it does well in native soils with moderate drainage, and will flourish without a complete sub-surface makeover with sand and gravel.  Newton’s is the second such project planted by Ever-Green.  The first was the Arcanum High School football field, acknowledged as one of the best small school playing surface in west-central Ohio.  All it took for both projects…was seed, irrigation, nutrition, and time.

You don’t have to spend $75,000 to get a better playing surface for your community’s high school sports.  You just have to understand your options.  And best, you can actually go see these two facilities and get a positive report from school administrators.  Seeing (and hearing) is believing.

And one other thing…”thermal blue” does a great job in residential lawns, as well.  Get it started, keep it fed, and enjoy it for years of hot, dry summers.

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