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Confidence In “Brand” Recognition

It’s a phrase we hear frequently, even constantly at Ever-Green.  “We see your trucks everywhere.  You must be a big company.”

Actually, no, we’re not a big company, just a company that’s constantly evolving, and expanding service as dictated by the industry and the market.  Those trucks you see?  Ever-Green is just keeping up with the business and demand.  We’re delighted that you notice.

Brian Curry, of Speedpro Imaging, is the creative force behind the distinctive Ever-Green look.

In fact, they say that confidence in any product is a by-product of brand recognition, and for that reason we want to people to recognize us when they see us in their community.

It’s simply good marketing, yes, but more, since 1976 an Ever-Green truck has come to represent the quality that’s stenciled as part of our logo (Quality Since 1976), and confidence that when an Ever-Green truck is on the job the job is being doing in a correct and professional manner.

Those trucks really do represent the evolution of Ever-Green’s service to your community.  Even the artwork represents change, as provided by our friends and associates at Spreed-Pro Imaging  and custom design, in Vandalia.  Owner Brian Curry and his team have helped make our fleet even more recognizable.  One look at our new artwork (above) tells you that “one” call is all you need to make…for lawn, landscaping, and overall property maintenance, for experienced service done promptly.

As the saying goes, if there is confidence in “brand” recognition you can now recognize quality easily when you see an Ever-Green truck in your neighborhood.  You don’t have to search the Yellow Pages anymore, or survey a neighbor for the best in lawn and landscaping when you need it.  We evolved with the market and the times.  It’s easier now.

Just look for an Ever-Green truck…with confidence!