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Does The End Justify The Means…?

Like many others, if you haven’t been bombarded by mailers and social media ads about spring and summer lawn and landscape management, you soon will be.

Some, will even go door to door.

Never in the history of the industry have there been so many “independents” working the market, with little more than a pickup truck, a trailer, mower, and armload of implements.  The economy has left them no other choice.

There will be quotes, there’ll be discounts…there’ll be assurances!

But more importantly, there’ll be questions in your mind as to whether the end justifies the means as to what some are willing to charge…some are willing to promise.  Well, think about it in these terms.

Over and over during the course of the typical growing season we hear from would-be clients that the “end” really hasn’t justified the expense of their current “professional” lawn service.  Two issues here:

One, “timing” is everything in considering the results in what you spend on fertilization and weed control.  Are applications made when they should be made?  Is grub control utilized during that window of time when it’s most efficient in terms of killing bugs?  Are weeds being treated during those periods of the season where they’re most susceptible?

And two, true “professionalism” in lawn treatment assures that the work is being done when it should be done, thereby guaranteeing that your property will exhibit desired results;  thereby justifying the means.  Your lawn should look good, relative to the growing conditions.  And, it will look good…if you plan accordingly.

Only Ever-Green will market our services to you in terms of a “season-to-season” guarantee. to ensure that the “end” you receive justifies the “means” you spend with us.  If it doesn’t we’ll address your issues in a “timely” manner, because effective lawn care is a matter of year-round commitment.  Even in the cold and snow of winter.

So plan now.  Consider your alternatives.  Call for an estimate, or just a consultation.  Information is always free.  Not knowing is always costly.

We can “guarantee”…that the end justifies the means!