peach tree with flowers before fruit

Fruits Of Your Landscape Labor….

If you’re considering some new landscaping ideas this spring, and want an entirely different look, color, and flavor, you might want to think in terms of the “ultimate” fruits of your labor concerning your time and investment.

You see, more people are considering  just that…fruit trees…as a means of 1) one, shape…2) color…and 3) the benefits of fresh fruit during the season within easy reach, right in your own backyard.

In particular, cherry and peach trees are popular because of their size, ease of care, and beautiful spring flowering.  Both are gaining popularity over the traditional flowering crab apple.

Cherries are typically white blooming and delivered delicious crops of red fruits, sweet or sour, by mid-July.

Peaches are usually pink (see the above photos), have a beautiful leaf and foliage after bloom, and on those years when they avoid being nipped by late spring frosts you can’t beat the bounty of your own fresh peaches.

But eating aside, these are trees that are easy to grow, easy to maintain, provide textural interest to your lawn, and are delightful to look at throughout the growing season.

Easy to maintain?  Compared to apple trees (which some prefer), both cherries and peaches require little pruning and trimming, and most are available in dwarf sizes, as well.

There are a number of nurseries that specialize in fruit trees, and if you want more information about what to buy, and where to buy, feel free to contact us here at Ever-Green.  Then…let us know in a couple of years when those “fruits of your labor” are ready to eat.

No charge for a house call.