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How Fall Mowing Can Make Your Yard Look Better All Winter

We get it.  By the time October rolls around most people are pretty tired of mowing grass, even those of us most dedicated to the look of their lawn and landscaping.

You grow weary of the same spots, the same angles…the same turns of the mower and seeing the same issues with which you’ve contended all summer.  You wish for that early hard frost that sends a signal to grass plants to just stop growing.  You’d like to winterize the mower, put it away, and not see it again until next April when your enthusiasm returns.

And frankly, for that reason most people take every shortcut possible when it comes to fall mowing.  Just get it done as quickly as possible and back to Saturday football on TV.  Who has time for mowing?

Cutting the dead tops of your grass helps it to green up quicker, and more uniformly.

Cut strong patterns in your lawn now and they’ll be there all winter long.

Well, here’s something for you to consider, especially if you mow with a zero-turn mower, or mower big enough and with blade velocity enough to do a good job of “striping” your lawn when you mow.

Take the time.  Slow down and make good stripes, diamonds, or checker board pattern…make them stand out.  In fact, mow them in the same direction for three or four weeks in a row, just prior to, or just after that first killing frost.

The reason?  When you imprint that striping pattern in your lawn in September/October it usually lasts all winter.  That’s right, the look you establish will withstand cold weather and as long as your lawn’s not covered with snow you’ll have the benefit of enjoying it.  It doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but in January you’ll look out there and see it, and smile.  It will highlight the look of your property and make you look forward to spring and lawn season again…when your lawn is the best looking one in the neighborhood, even in the dead of winter.

So think about it during those last mowings of the season.  Take the time to make your landscaping look its best even in winter, now, while grass is green and growing and fattening up on moisture and nutrients for the long months ahead.  Fall mowing really can make your yard look better…all winter long!