How Mowing Can Make You Money….

It’s something we in the lawn industry too often take for granted.  That is, a good-looking yard is just that…a good-looking yard and a labor of love.

For others, however, keeping the grass mowed, and attractive, is just another weekly task – more pain, than gain.

But the manner in which you mow your grass can pay unseen dividends;  little things, like mowing patterns, and the visual impact that a lawn has on passerby traffic.

The best example we’ve recently heard is from a client in central Ohio who recently put his house on the market to sell.  To be sure, they painted and repaired a few loose ends on the house itself.

But in addition…they made sure the lawn looked just so.  This is grass, by the way, that’s largely fescue and a little blue grass for color.  Nothing special.  Except, it’s thick, it’s green, and the owner has always taken the time to mow it attractively.  And here’s where the story gets profitable.

After several people looked at the property, and a couple actually made counter offers, the last person to see the property made his own offer…full asking price!

“It’s worth $5,000 to me not to have to fix up the lawn,”  he assured.  “It’s beautiful, and all I want to know is how you’ve kept it that way.”

Bottom line:  Never underestimate the equity of a good-looking yard in the overall value of your property.  People do notice, and if it ever comes to selling, some actually appreciate it in terms of cash.  It’s how taking the time to mow properly…can actually make you money!