Buckeye tree flowers

If You’re Going To Plant A Tree…..

There’s more to consider for fall planting than just grass seed and perennial bulbs.  Now, more than ever, people are considering trees as an accent and long-term investment in their property.  If you think that doesn’t matter…just ask a realtor.

And, people are planting different trees in place of, or in addition to, the traditional hardwoods of generations past.  Oaks and maples are fine for color and stability, but they’re expensive and they get big.   Removing them can become quite a process if and when you want to make a change.

If you want a different tree that's a conversation piece, consider the native Ohio Buckeye. Seedlings are easy to plant.

If you want a different tree that’s a conversation piece, consider the native Ohio Buckeye. Seedlings are easy to plant.

We’ve written before that many people are now turning to fruit trees for accents that add more than just shape and shade.  Cherry trees, for instance, are beautiful to look at when they flower in the spring.  Peach trees add a different color and dimension.  They’re easy to care for and they yield delicious fruit without the constant pruning of apples.

And of late…more people are planting BUCKEYE trees (see above photo)!  And what a concept if you live in the Buckeye state, right?  If you want a different “legacy” tree, consider Buckeyes because they’re a hardwood that’s not as big as maples and oaks, and in about ten years you can entertain yourself by picking up the brown nuts that drop during the frost days of autumn.  They make a great shade canopy in the summer months and turn a brilliant yellow in the fall.  Buckeyes can be hard to find, though, so if you’re interested plan ahead.  But they’re worth the trouble and wait once they arrive.

So, expand your thinking as you consider how to change the look of your property for seasons to come.  You have more choices than ever before, and more ways to make your lawn and garden appealing.  Depending on what you plant…your friends will say you have the best “taste” in the neighborhood.