image of an evergreen tree with snow

It May Be Cold, But Crabgrass Marches On…

The last two years have been particularly bad for crabgrass in yards, which always leads to the inevitable question about how to prevent it in the first place.

Well, the answer to that is to put down a pre-emergent herbicide with your first application of fertilizer in the spring…right about now, in mid to late March.  And please, don’t let the above photo fool you!

“Nay, nay,” say the feint of heart.  Have you been outside this March?

True, 38 degrees and 20 mile-per-hour wind and sideways rain isn’t our idea of a relaxing day in the yard.  But, the crabgrass doesn’t mind at all.

You see, crabgrass is an annual plant that germinates from a seed each spring, right about now, in fact.  And if you don’t get pre-emergent control on in time (right about now) you’re probably not going to like what you see come July.  That’s typically when the person who waits ’til the more moderate days of April to treat crabgrass discovers that he treated it too late.

It’s also why you see so many companies out, even now in 38-degree weather, doing lawn applications.  You have to get pre-emergent down early to control crabgrass!

If you have questions by all means call us here at Ever-Green.

And if you ultimately end up with crabgrass later this summer, plan ahead for next spring…sometime in mid-March, with the blowing wind, the cold temps, and the sideways rain.

Crabgrass marches on!