image of patchy brown and green grass

It’s Not Too Late For Dormant Seeding…

If you’re one of those who have bare patches in your lawn, or just weak density of existing turf plants…and, you’ve missed what most call the optimum fall seeding window of mid-September to mid-October…don’t despair.

No, for in fact now is one of the best time for seeding, albeit “dormant” seeding…that being, grass that you won’t see until it emerges next spring.

The fact is that many turf varieties that you seed in November will lie there and absorb moisture and benefit from seed to ground contact (especially if you combine seeding with a good fall aeration).  These seeds are then absorbed into the ground during the cycle of winter freeze and thaw, and will show up next spring, green and healthy.

In fact, there is research to confirm that “dormant” seeding is preferable to earlier seeding in the absence of adequate warm weather irrigation.  Plants that germinate in September and October, but without adequate water to promote healthy rooting, may freeze out during especially harsh winter temperatures without snow cover.

Dormant seeding, however, if perfectly safe in seed form.

If you’re lawn has bare patches (see above photo), or, you want to supplement existing turf, IT’S NOT TOO LATE.  Remember that dormant seeding is not only a viable alternative, it’s often the BEST alternative!