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“It’s Only As Good As The Applicator”…

It’s a point of lawn and landscape service too often overlooked.  It’s only as good as the applicator, or technician who provides the service.


Sure, and if you’ve had service with a particular company in the past think about the relationship, if you have one, with the person who does the work.  And if you don’t have one, you should.  A person that takes the time to knock on the door, explain what he finds on your property, with suggestions on how to treat or correct it.

And best, wouldn’t it be nice to actually trust that person…that your getting the service you pay for, the attention that you deserve?

Matt Kingrey accepting the award as the Ohio Lawn Care Association’s “Applicator Of The Year” for 2010. And while he can’t treat every lawn, Ever-Green has more just like him.

One of the best, proudly, is our own Matt Kingrey, winner of the 2010 Ohio Lawn Care Association “Applicator Of The Year” award.

He lives in Greenville, Ohio, he’s been with Ever-Green for 34 years, he treats over 500 yards a year, and after all this time Matt Kingrey wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I still like doing it,”  he says with a smile.  “I try to be ‘real’ with the people.  I’m honest with them, and my veteran customers know that.  They know if they can trust you because they can see the results of my work.  Lawn care is only as good as the applicator.”

He’s so popular and trusted by his clientele that Matt gets dozens of testimonials and thank-yous annually for his dedication and commitment to quality service.

“I’ve been with some of them so long they’re like family now,”  he laughs.  “They show me pictures of their kids and grandkids.  They ask me about my family…things like that.”

The point is, Matt Kingrey represents quality, in the work that he does and the reputation of Ever-Green, that which is built on the commitment of people like Matt.

500 people cannot be wrong.  Your lawn care service “is only as good as the applicator.”