Local Foundation, Ever-Green, Partners In A Different Growth

There is an age-old axiom that proclaims that to whom much is given much is also expected.

And in that spirit Ever-Green Turf and Landscape is involved with a different type of growth through a decades-long relationship with one of the true gems of our county community….that being the Miami County Foundation, directed by Cheryl Stiefel-Francis (pictured above), in Piqua.

In the past 30 years the Foundation has gifted more than 6 million dollars scholarships and grants to area students and projects, made possible through the cooperation and generosity of local businesses and involved individuals.

“We help so many organizations every year throughout Miami County,”  says Stiefel-Francis.  “Hundreds of people benefit from our support of each of these organizations in a variety of ways.  And that’s what’s neat about reaching out with this type of support.  There’s no end to the possibilities.

“We help provide field trips for schools and kids that would otherwise never have an opportunity to see the world outside their school…even a $50 field trip.  We hear all the time from kids who write to tell us how much fun they have just visiting a nursing home.

“We provide books to kids so they can continue to read throughout the summer outside of school, and that’s so critical for a child to know that there’s a book coming in the mail for them every month…a book that they can call their own.

“We just do good, good things, and it was one man’s vision 30 years ago when Richard Hunt decided to help the people of Miami County who had helped him build his own business here in Piqua.  Richard Hunt lived in Troy, but he was determined to reach out to everyone in the county.  It gives me goose bumps to think about all the wonderful things that have been done and accomplished through his vision.”


“Miami County is home to my family and the families of my employees.  We treaure the opportunity to give back with our time, talents, and good fortune.”  – Ever-Green President, Joe Duncan

Ever-Green president Joe Duncan knows something first-hand about the vision of men like Richard Hunt, having grown his own business through countless client relationships in Miami County since 1976.  Celebrating 40 years of service to the community in 2016, he’s a long-time board member of the Foundation, past president, and shares Stiefel-Francis’ enthusiasm for people helping other people.

“I’ve been involved now for more than 20 years and Ever-Green is now in a relationship with the Board as a business partner,”  says Duncan.  “This is special to me because Miami County is my home, it’s home to my family, to my employees and their families.  We treasure the opportunity to give back with our time, talents, and good fortune.”

For more information about the Foundation, to become a donor or to apply for funding, contact Cheryl Stiefel-Francis at 937-773-9012, or contact the office at 317 N. Wayne Street, in Piqua.

And consider another age-old axiom.  That is, that good things can, and do, get better.

Be a partner in a different growth!