Mid-Term Grade On Your Yard….

Recent heat and humidity tells you one thing, aside from how effective your deodorant is.  It also tells you…HOW HEALTHY YOUR LAWN IS!

Yes, the recent heat and stress on lawns is plainly evident and it tells you a great deal about whether yours is being properly fed and nourished.  If it is, it will have strong roots, good vigor, and color, notwithstanding the 90-degree temperatures.

For you see lawns that are wilting and turning brown are not doing so because of dry weather.  The above photo is from a Miami County lawn that gets regular irrigation.  And for lawns that don’t we’ve had a near-record July so far in terms of rainfall.  So there is adequate water.  The question becomes…does your grass have adequate nutrition?

Obviously, fertilizing now is not the answer.  But if you’re seeing stress and lack of color with just two weeks of hot weather you should consider the root system and think about making it stronger come October and November.  Fertilize then, aerate then, and prepare for next year…followed by a healthy and nutrition-rich start next spring.

By all means, utilize the Ever-Green website as a resource, or, give us a call anytime to ask about what to do, and when to do it.  If the mid-term grade for your lawn is “brown” and “not-so-healthy” looking, that’s not good.

Why wait?  Call us now.