Mowing…When It Rains Every Day

It’s the most challenging time of the year to mow – far worse than the ‘dog days’ of July and August, or during the fall when you have to battle falling leaves.

It’s spring, and the incessant rains that seem to come day after day.  Grass is eager to grow, you’ve already fertilized, and once you cut it the first time it’s like turning on the tap.  You’ve sent the message to the plant’s roots to grow, grow…and grow some more.

But what do you do when it rains almost every day?  How do you stay ahead?  Here’s three simple steps that will save you future headache…and disease.

You may have to cut your grass higher, and more often, to maintain a clean, healthy look.

First, make sure your mower is equipped with a sharp blade – a new one if necessary.  Sharp blades lessen the work load on the engine and a cleaner cut lessens the chance for damage to the plant and the onset of disease.

Second, mow more often.  If you mow on Friday don’t wait until next Friday because the idea is to take not more than an inch of grass off per mow.  In wet weather grass is often grows a half inch per day.  To do this you may have to cut every other day, but the benefits outweigh the inconvenience.  Do whatever you can to avoid excess clippings from piling up.

Last, raise your mower deck to a higher cutting level.  If you normally mow at 3.5 inches pick it up another half inch…just until the rain subsides and summer temperatures slow down the rate of growth.

Believe it, these three steps are very important for a healthy start to your summer lawn.  Save wear and tear on your mower, and promote a healthier growth by eliminating all that dead grass (clippings) that turns into mold and eventual dead spots.

It’s what you need to do…when it seems to rain every day!