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Plan Now For Spring…Save Money!

It’s a good time to think about it – how your lawn, your beds, your trees and property will look with the coming growing season.

There’s plenty to consider.

Brown, or dead spots in the yard.

How much to fertilize, and when?  And what kind of fertilizer?  Does organic really work?

Weed control in landscaped beds…and more color.

Trees and shrubs that either need help, or simply pruned.

Irrigation systems that need repair, updated, or maybe replaced.

And based on last summer…grubs again?

Use colors to highlight and accent the look of your property in 2018.  It's easy.  Ask us how!

Use colors to highlight and accent the look of your property in 2018. It’s easy. Ask us how!

Well now, while the snow flies in January is the best time to plan – and act – to make this a better year.  And if you prepay between now and February 28, you can save 6% on your Ever-Green program for 2018.

Here’s how it works.  Simply call our office at Ever-Green (937-335-6418) and tell Patty Johnston you’re interested in a visit from an Ever-Green professional, and an estimate.  And by the way, it wouldn’t hurt to check our history, as well.  Since 1976 Ever-Green Turf And Landscape has been a Troy-based company with an excellent reputation for customer service…and results!  Ever-Green offers the most comprehensive service available among area, locally-owned lawn and landscape service companies – lawn, landscape, irrigation, trees – whatever it takes to make your residential or commercial property look its best.

And best of all…the convenience of easy-to-find and timely information from our weekly website updates.  If there’s an issue out there, we’re on it, and share with you about when and how to deal with it.

But call now and you can even save money while you enjoy your best results, ever…6 %!  Just call and ask why, and how, Ever-Green can make a difference in your 2018 growing season.  We’ll be happy to meet, and share!