image of purple, yellow and orange mums

September A Tough Month To Love Your Yard

An Ever-Green client with a lot of pride in his lawn recently looked at his dry, fading grass and remarked, “September is a tough month to love your yard.”

Of course, he’s right for the fact that the hot dry days of August and September can literally sap the life and color out of even the healthiest of properties.  Like so many others, his lawn does not have irrigation (except hose and sprinklers), or shade in the front.

Add to that the fact that most landscaping has run its color course, as well.  Day Lilies have long since disappeared.  Most summer annuals are in the waning days of their season, with the exception of Impatiens, and fall mums have yet to hit their glory.

So yes, dry weather and the beating sun of September is not kind to anything growing.

But, it’s temporary.  That is, properties with a healthy foundation of nutrient and weed control will responded quickly to the cooler and wetter days of October and November yet to come.  In fact, the good fall growing season usually begins about the third week of September…increased rainfall, cooler nights, and more moderate temperatures.  And with these conditions you’ll see your lawn spring to life and color…if you’ve taken the steps to feed and nurture it back to health.

In fact, many customers point to the fall season as the very best for their turf and its appearance.  Color returns without the out-of-control growth and need for additional mowing that you have in April and May.  Add to that the changing of  the trees and you can have a spectacular palette of color…and one worth remembering and propagating again next spring.

It’s true.  Late summer can be tough, and a tough time to love your lawn.  But just hang in there.  Give it a few days…a couple of weeks.  Wait until the rains and the temperatures fall.  If you’ve done your job let nature take its course.  You’ll see…something good that’s about to happen!