field of yellow flowers

Some Words On Dandelions…

They’re insufferable, and unavoidable.  We’re talking about dandelions, of course, the yellow scourge of spring, currently in their full golden glory.

They’re fine, of course, if you’re into that much yellow, but folks who value their lawns and overall landscape aren’t doing handsprings over such unwanted color, especially if there’s an infestation like the above photo.

And to that end at least once a day we received a question or call on how best to control, or eliminate, the threat ofTaraxacum Officinale”… dandelions.

A lot of people have been spraying them with various 2-4-D herbicide products since the onset of spring, back in March.  Shortly after the spring solstice they make their annual debut.  And while they wilt and draw back, seemingly in kill phase, dandelions are not that easily put away.  As long as the soil temperatures are cold it’s hard to get a good kill.  Best times are when the air temps are between 75 and 85, typically in May, and corresponding soil temps are in the 50 degree range.

Even better dandelion management comes with a fall application.  Properly applied then, you’re killing to the root that which will undoubtedly make an appearance the following spring.  Spray while fall soil temperatures are warm and you’re sure to affect a better control.

They are a nuisance, but the more you know the easier it is to manage your dandelion issues.  And everyone has them…or “will” have them.  Dandelion seed, spread by the wind when they’re in “puffball” stage, can travel for miles.  If you need to know more…or want more effective control by professional application, give Ever-Green a call.

We know all the best ways and times to stomp outTaraxacum Officinale”.