image of a white rose

Summer Colors….

It’s why we put up with those long months of winter…cold weather, snow and ice.  We long, and we live, for summer!

Compared to winter, it offers so much, especially for the person who feels best when surrounded by the “green” and “growing” of summer…lush grass, brilliant gardens of color, and even the fruits of planting an ornamental, as well as opportune, cherry or peach tree.

Beautiful white flowers in the spring, beautiful and delicious fruit in summer from a Montmorency cherry.

It’s why people are changing their landscaping tastes to feature more of the conventional colors of summer.  Roses (above) have made a huge comeback in recent years, and that’s ironic.  Roses can be hard to care for.  But new varieties, new colors, and new science provide more color with disease resistance…and less work.

Day lilies, once planted because they’d grow without any care at all, have been reinvented…for more colors, bigger flowers, and fantastic visual impact.  And the best part:  They still require little care.

Trees and shrubs are still a popular choice for accent and landscaping character, but look around and see now how people are incorporating more flowering color with hardwoods and conifers (evergreens).

And the choice of trees now often includes varieties that actually bear fruit.  Spring means brilliant white color from a Montmorency cherry.  Summer means a bountiful crop of delicious fruit for the table…or freezer.  After all, summer doesn’t last forever.  And what better way to relive the best months of the year come winter…than with a cherry pie from your own tree?

Take the time now to look around, and enjoy the colors of summer.  Better yet, it’s easy to plan for color of your own…for next summer.  Anything’s possible!

We know.  We do it everyday…at Ever-Green!