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Take Advantage Of A Better Summer For Fall Seeding, Planting

You’re familiar with the old adage of making hay while the sun shines?  Well, think in terms of your lawn and landscaping relative to fall seeding and renovations.  And here’s why.

With the adequate summer rains we’ve had there’s some advantage to start fall seeding projects earlier than you would normally.  The above-average amount of moisture has left most yards softer, with better inherent moisture, and in good condition for aeration and advanced germination.  And, the long-range forecast for the next 30 days is good…moderate daytime temps in the 80s, warm evenings, and adequate projected rainfall.  Perfect for getting a head start on a better lawn next spring.

The point is…early seeding and germination provides for at least a month’s head start on getting those grass plants rooted and established for the cold winter months ahead.  It allows for at least two cycles of fall nutrition (fertilization).  And plants that are winter hardy are also staged to emerge early and more vigorous come next April.

In fact everything grows better when there’s adequate moisture and moderate temperatures.  We see people already beginning fall landscaping projects for that very reason…it’s not as hot and dry as the normal summer and plants and trees have a better chance of getting an early, healthy start for next season.

If you haven’t thought about fall lawn activity in this respect, we’d urge you to do so.  And remember…getting an early start when the conditions warrant means you maximize on your time, effort and money spent for any project that grows.  In this case we really do urge you to make hay while the sun shines.

Or, just take advantage of the remaining days of a better summer for your fall seeding and planting!