lawn with striping

That First Mowing…!

Here’s a few words on what’s most imminent for anyone with grass.  Within just a few days that grass is going to need mowing.

Fortunately for some, they can’t wait to get out in the yard and renew acquaintances with the first looks and aromas of spring.

They’ll take a modest cut off the top of their newly emerging turf, not so much as to create messy clippings, but just enough to promote healthy growth.

They’ll cut enough to clean off the dead winter residuals.

They cut enough to get an even finish, and to accent with mower stripes.  Short of a fresh coat of paint, nothing makes a property look better than that first good spring mowing.

So yes, it’s better to go out a few days early than a few days late.

Because…there will be others who wait an extra week and take the risk of being forestalled even longer by unpredictable spring rains.

When they do finally mow they’ll leave mounds and clumps of wet, molding clippings.

They’ll create a veritable “petri dish” of bacteria and potential disease.

They’ll create a summer’s nightmare of spring “thatch”, that crowds the plant and suffocates the roots from needed air, moisture and nutrients.

They’ll create a killing field of brown spots come warmer weather and wonder why, when they spend all that money on fertilizer, aeration, and weed control.

So absolutely…heed our friendly advice and plan to mow sooner rather than later, before the next rain, even if you cut closer than you might later in the season.  A good first mowing is a wonderful thing to do for your lawn to establish a healthy look and a healthy environment for the rest of the growing season.

If you don’t believe that…then mow later, rather than earlier, and see!