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The Importance Of A Sharp Blade…More Than The Normal Spring

From all appearances it would seem that we could finally have a pattern of some warm weather in May.  Keep your fingers crossed, eh!

This is far different from many normal springs, and it carries with it both positives and negatives relative to the maintenance of your yard.

The main positive, of course, is ample water and temperatures means that your grass will be of good color, and grow vigorously.  And, a good spring feeding with broadleaf weed maintenance pays dividends all summer long.

Sharp mower blades are vital in preventing turf disease during hot, steamy conditions.

Sharp mower blades are vital in preventing turf disease during hot, steamy conditions.

But good turf maintenance also calls for correct and timely mowing, and on those springs where you have warm, damp conditions, or where you have to mow earlier and more often,  blade maintenance on your mower becomes particularly important.

Mower blades should always be sharp for the fact that 1), a sharp blade cuts easier and produces less engine drag.

2) Sharp blades actually cause you to use less gas.

And sharp blades certainly lend to a better, cleaner-looking cut.

3) But sharp blades also help prevent fungal diseases from attacking your lawn, as well, and this is perhaps the best reason of all to keep them in good condition.  A dull blade “rips” the top of a blade of grass, leaving a jagged edge which invites pests and disease.   A sharp blade provides a clean cut, which helps the grass to heal faster and promotes photosynthesis.  Experts say it’s a good idea to have your lawn mower blade sharpened two to three times a season to maintain peak efficiency.  But that figure is relative, of course, to the number of hours you mow between sharpenings.  Usually twice is enough for the average lawn.

Remember, spring means early attention to the grass and the tools necessary to maintain it.  And there is no better thing to do…than have a very sharp mower blade.

It’ll save you wear and tear on your mower.  It’ll give you more miles per gallon in gas consumption…and you’ll have a ‘healthier’ lawn.