The Importance Of ‘Sharp’ Blades On Your Mower

Yes, you’re mowing more than you usually do.  It’s been raining since the end of February, and you probably started mowing about the last week of March.

And you probably spent the first two weeks of mowing just ‘dead-heading’ your lawn – that is, cutting off the brown, dead tops from last fall’s growth…which, by the way, really takes the edge off a mower blade.

And yes, you’re probably put half a season’s wear on your mower blades already.  Meaning, if you had them sharpened (at all) before putting things away last fall you’re due for another blade sharpening right about now.

It is, without question, one of the most important – and best – things you can do for the health of your lawn.  MOW WITH SHARP BLADES…to minimize plant injury and the susceptibility for disease as temperatures warm up and the onset of summer stress sets in.  Seriously, cutting your grass is a kin to cutting your hair, or shaving.  You know what it feels like when you shave with a dull blade?  Well imagine that same impact on another living, growing thing…your grass!

A clean cut on the tops of grass plants helps to minimize plant stress, it helps promote healthy grow, and there’s no question that is lessens the risk of systemic plant disease in the hot months of June, July and August.  And just as importantly, it also lessens the stress on your mower’s engine because it allows for cutting with less friction.

So, now would be an excellent time to check ’em and see.  And if you haven’t sharpened since last season…do it.  Your plants and the way you lawn looks with thank you…all summer long!