sign of a lawn chemical application

The Most Important Step For Your Lawn

We’re going to make this simple.  We’ll make it easy to understand.

The issue is one that many lawn care companies and suppliers address, but fail to explain.  The issue:  The most important step for your lawn is the last fall feeding!

A lot of people misunderstand why it’s so important to fertilize your lawn between now and at the onset of winter dormancy.  And it seems the more some try to explain the more turned off some people become.  One reason is because you won’t see actual growth (above ground) from the last fall feeding.  The reason is that with frost the plant actually shuts down activity from the ground up, so people think they’re wasting their money and time to feed.

But there’s an underlying reason and importance to good fall nutrition.  The nitrogen that you apply now will not promote above-ground growth…but, it will promote growth and regeneration underground.

Here’s the part where we want to make it simple.  That nitrogen from fall fertilization will turn into sugar with cold weather.  It’s absorbed into the roots of your lawn and stored there as a source of dormant nutrition all winter long.  And while you don’t see anything happening above ground, below the ground those roots are getting fed, getting stronger, and in the absence of the ground actually freezing solid, will continue to flourish.

The end result?  Come spring plants are staged to emerge and grow more vigorously.

Come next summer, during the hot months of July and August, those same plants will maintain vigor and color longer because they have a healthier root system!

This is why all lawn care companies and fertilizer manufacturers will tell you that the most important time to feed your lawn in in October and November.  You won’t see it now, but that really doesn’t matter because you’re ready to put the mower away for the winter, anyway.  What you want is a better start next spring…and you’ll have it.

It the most important step for your lawn…all year!