image of a sprinkler watering grass

The One Constant For A Better Yard & Landscaping…

It’s a common lament among homeowners who have struggled for years to have the kind of landscape and lawn look that they want.

“It doesn’t seem to matter what I do,”  they’ll say.  “I just can’t grow grass in my yard.”

And to many that may seem true.  A lot of us have been frustrated for years with our efforts (and expense) to grow a better lawn.  But every spring (or fall) we try…more grass seed and more fertilizer.  It works for others, why not me?

Well, it’s true that the certain veriables for growing grass (or anything) are seed and soil.  And of course, it helps if you fertilize because everything that grows needs nutrition.  But there’s another veriable that many ignore, or take for granted, and it’s the one constant for growing anything….water!

Irrigation specialist Shane Chaney adjusts coverage on an Ever-Green installation.

Irrigation specialist Shane Chaney adjusts coverage on a sprinkler head.

“It’s not that hard to grow grass,”  says Ever-Green irrigation specialist Kirt Huemmer.  “All you need is seed, soil, and water.  Just about any ground will germinate and grow grass seed, but when the heat goes up in summer and it stops raining, you simply have to have water.  Everything that’s living has to have water.”

And for that fact 2015 has been the busiest summer ever at Ever-Green for irrigation installation and repair, residential and commercial.  If it’s done properly it’s a lifetime investment in your property and property’s value.  But more, it’s an even better investment in the way your property looks.

A good growing environment for any green plant usually means at least an inch of water per week, which is why everyone’s lawn looked so good this spring and into the summer months of June and July…even August.  We were getting adequate rain.  But September has been another story.  Spoiled from having all the water it needed for so long, grass now has turned brown.

If a better looking landscape is a priority to you, or your business interests, call us for a consultation and estimate on installation for an irrigation system that’s not only practical, but more affordable than you might expect.  And think of it in these terms:  Adequate water means the end of yearly seeding, of starting over every year in your efforts to have the lawn and landscape look that you want.  Irrigation can actually SAVE you money!

EVERYTHING that grows must have water.  And it’s closer, and easier, than you think.  Call Ever-Green!

Irrigation manager Kirt Huemmer and Shane Chaney are hands-on with installation of a new residential system.

Irrigation manager Kirt Huemmer and Shane Chaney are hands-on with installation of a new residential system.