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The Perfect Holiday Gift…And $ave Money!

Here’s a thought, pre-holiday, for something you can do for someone special on your family list that you perhaps forgot…or better yet, something you can do for yourself to make your 2022 landscaping better, and easier.

Take this opportunity to call Ever-Green, pay in advance, and save and additional 6% on professional residential lawn service – nutrition, weed and pest control.  And best, customize your program to fit the size of your lawn and your budget.  At Ever-Green, there’s so such thing as one size fits all!

This program is particularly valuable to senior citizens, or people whose work schedule cheats you out of the necessary time when the work needs to be done – when you’re committed to doing something else.  And remember, too, that a growing number of people object to the thought of even handling fertilizer and weed control products.  At Ever-Green, we know how to do it safely, and professionally.  We eliminate the risks.

In addition, we offer full landscape bed service – weeds, nutrition, and even design help – and the sooner you contact us for the growing demand for this service the sooner we can guarantee you service, and service when you expect it.

Need spring mulching?  Call Ever-Green now for an estimate and schedule your delivery and installation.

Got irrigation?  Ever-Green offers full service (open and close at the end of the season) for existing installations.

Trees?  We’ve got that covered, too, even fruit trees if you need insect and fungus control.

But best, call us now, have Ever-Green give you a proposal, and save money by paying in advance – and you have until March 1st to take advantage of the offer.

Sound good?  It’s even better once you get used to someone else taking responsibility for the work in your yard that you like least to do.  Simply call Ever-Green and let us make your summer simpler.  We’d be happy to help.