lawn striping

The Simple Fall Test….

As we enter the fall season there’s one simple test to tell whether the lawn program you’re currently using is doing its job.

The test?  How does your grass look?

With the recent dry weather has your efforts to feed and water produced the color, turf density, and vigor you desire?

Is your lawn populated with broadleaf weeds, or crabgrass?

Are there tell-tale signs of grub damages – places where you can reach down and pick up chunks of sod like your uncle’s toupe’?

Well, if your color is good, and  if your turf density is good, and the lawn is free of dandelions and buckhorn, and you’re grub-free…then that’s a pretty good sign that you’re doing something right.

And to the varying degrees that you have one or the other, that’s an indicator of where you can pay more attention in the future.  Seriously, a well-maintained lawn will get up to five treatments of nitrogen and weed control a year;  and grub control every year.  So if you’ve cut back on one or more of these points, that’s the one simple answer to the simple test.

Many of our Ever-Green clients will tell you the best ten weeks of the year for lawn enjoyment is that time between the beginning of September and mid to late November.  Some claim their yards look great right up until December.  Why?  Because the conditions governing growth and health are more predictable.  Temperatures are moderate.  Rain is more equally spaced.  And humidity is down.

So if you’ve done all the right things, by all means enjoy the fruits of your labor right now.  Invite the grandkids to play football in your backyard with pride and without fear of damage.  You’ve earned it, and it’ll never look better.