image of freshly cut lawn

The Last, And Best, $50 You Can Spend…

To those who are committed to their lawns fifty two weeks a year, the next eight weeks are some of the most important.

Why?  Because fall fertilization, in the estimation of most turf experts, is the most important feeding for your lawn in the entire year.  Here’s why.

In the spring added nitrogen usually contributes most to growth above ground, and excessive clippings when you mow.

But in fall, due to the shortening of the days and sunlight, that added nutrition is readily absorbed by plants and translated to the roots, making them stronger and more vital as the winter dormant season approaches.

Grounds MaintenanceIt’s also true that an October feeding will often give you the most color and best looking lawn of the year, and time to enjoy it most with the changing color of trees and landscaping.

And then an additional feeding in November (even early December, before the ground freezes) will ensure that your lawn will come back in optimal shape for a healthy, green start in the spring.

Now, for the average residential lawn of about 20,000 square feet it takes about a $50 investment in nitrogen to cover it, per feeding.  And depending on how committed you are, it’s the best $50 you spend once, or twice, all year for the long-term sake of your grass.

Remember, a healthy root system will keep your lawn healthy all season long…and the best insurance against hot dry weather in the “dog days” of summer.  Like that old familiar ad used to say, “Feed your lawn.  Feed it!”

And now’s the time to do it!