image of purple, yellow and orange mums

Two Good Things To Do Right Now (September)

You hear a lot of ads (or read them) about fall feeding for your lawn – the advantages, and how it allows you to enjoy better color and and seasonal growth that carry over even to next spring.  All of that is true.

But there are a couple other reasons why now – September – is a great time to take a more active role with your lawn and landscape.

Here’s the obvious one.  Take advantage of cooler days and fall growing conditions to do new seedings and plantings.  Grass that you sow now has at least eight more weeks of favorable germination time, which means a head start for the following spring.  Fall is also more predictable in terms of rainfall, because if you wait to seed in April that seed may simply get washed away.

Fall is the perfect time to plant for perennial color – tulips, lillies, and iris.

The same applies for fall plantings.  September and October is an excellent time to put trees and shrubs in the ground, and they root quickly given the cooler days and nights, and ample amounts of natural moisture.   Perennial color in your beds – tulips, lillies, etc. – should be done now, as well, and without worry you can count on them being there when you want them next season, and right on schedule.

The second thing…if you have any big projects for landscaping call us now to get on the 2022 schedule.  Don’t wait until March.  Be at the head of the list instead of hoping we can work you in. It’s a frequent lament heard with landscaping – “Everyone’s too busy, or already booked up.”  And that may be true.  There aren’t as many people doing the work as there once was, which makes it all the more important to plan and schedule now.

It’s a natural thing to wait until March for spring renewal, when everyone is advertising and running sales.  But in fact the best time to plan is right now.  The results are better, and the fact of getting the work done is more reliable.  Go ahead…give us a call!