image of patchy brown and green grass

When You Ask For An Estimate….?

It is the time of year when the phones start ringing…people requesting estimates for lawn care.  It’s a good thing, a win-win for provider and potential client alike, “if” that client knows what he or she  “should be” looking for when they ask for an estimate.

To be honest, most people who want estimates want them for two reasons, neither of which help the overall look of their property or lawn.

One, they ask with the thought in mind…can I afford lawn care, relative to my other monthly or seasonal expenses?

And two, can this company do it cheaper than the company I’m presently using?

Again, neither have anything to do with the health, vigor, and attractiveness of your yard.  If your lawn looks good with your present service that means you’re getting what you paid for, your  property is responding, and you probably shouldn’t change…at least not to save $10 dollars a month!

But if your lawn doesn’t look good you probably shouldn’t request an estimate for the sake of just price, because your estimate should include some actual face time, or communication by phone or email with the provider, to ask…what’s missing?

Why isn’t your lawn as good as it could be?  Wrong seed for a particular soil?  Wrong intervals of treatment?  Weeds? Not enough water?

These are all good questions that usually have obvious answers “if” you take the time to get the right information with your estimate.  Something more than just a price!

And think of it this way.  We see yards every year that always look the same, with owners continually seeking a cheaper price…instead of better lawn care service!  “I’ve been using the same company for the past ten years,” one  recently said.  “I’ve never found anyone willing to beat their price.”

Which only means he hadn’t been getting what he was paying for…for the past ten years!

Remember, nothing ever stays the same.  If your yard isn’t getting better, or maintaining a standard of satisfaction, you’re probably not getting your money’s worth, regardless of what you pay.  In truth, it may be getting worse!

This is what you should know when you ask for your next estimate.  There’s a lot more to consider than just price.