sprinkler watering a lawn

Where There’s Water, There’s A Way

Where there’s water there’s generally a way to grow anything in nature, especially with residential and commercial lawns.

And to that end Ever-Green, for 2015, has upped the “ante” on making sure that residential and commercial customers, old and new, have the absolute best in irrigation options available to them.

With the recent purchase of the Huemmer Irrigation Company, a Piqua-based firm headed by Kirt Huemmer, Ever-Green has taken the next step to ensure that the highest standards in every category of lawn and turf management are available under one roof.

Before you really need water

Where there’s water there’s a way to grow better turf on your property.  And now the way begins with a call to Ever-Green

“I’m very excited at the opportunity,”  said Huemmer, who in recent years has maintained upwards of one hundred local residential and commercial accounts in Miami, Shelby, Montgomery, Darke and Shelby counties.

“There comes a point in business where you need a more controlled environment, a more controlled schedule to make sure that you’re delivering the highest standard of service available.  And Ever-Green offers that.  I wanted to make sure that all my old customers were taken care of in the manner they’ve come to expect, as well as new clients that will now come to Ever-Green for service.”

Well-established as a specialist in installation and service, Huemmer has more than 30 years experience with irrigation, the last 28 years through his commercial affiliation with Echo Hills Golf Course, in Piqua.  Prior to that he served for six years at Reid Park, in Springfield.  Formal training includes two tours with the “Toro University” school of irrigation management, a division of the same company that has for decades manufactured those famous Toro lawn mowers.

After 13 seasons of “doing it all by myself”, Huemmer couldn’t be happier to join resources with Ever-Green, offering the best in installation of new systems and service to existing ones, large and small.

“I’m all about great customer service, starting with the first call people make to Ever-Green and Patti (Patti Johnston, office manager).  They have the support staff to make what I’ve done for the past 13 years even better.”

Where’s there’s water there really is a way to have better turf on your property.  And now, the way begins with a call to Ever-Green…and Kirt Huemmer!