image of men laying new mulch

Words On Mulch: Early Bird Gets Worm…And Weeds!

While it’s true about the old saying that the “early bird gets the worm, in landscaping terms it could also means “it gets the weeds”, too.

Of course what we’re talking about is spring mulching of landscaped beds, trees, ornamentals, et. al., anything bare ground that can be accentuated color-wise, and protected from summer weeds, by a good ground cover now of hardwood mulch.

Cosmetically, it’s one of the best things you can do for the sake of color accent, to provide contrast with adjacent areas of your lawn.  A two-inch layer of dyed mulch easily lasts throughout the season (sometimes for more than one year), maintaining its color while turf turns dry and brown with summer head.

Hardwood mulch applied early in the spring is a great way to preserve ground moisture during hot summer months and control weeds all season long.

But fundamentally, it’s one of the best things you can do, as well, for the fact of weed control in landscaped beds.  Combined with a granular pre-emergent treatment in March or April, hardwood mulch provides a suffocating barrier to unwanted grass and broadleaves that are want to germinate and poke through with the onset of warmer temperatures.

Like with many worthwhile efforts in your yard, timing with mulch is everything.  For while you can mulch any month of the year for the sake of color and contrast, it’s important to mulch “early” if you want to achieve maximum weed control…before ground temperature reaches 50 degrees!

If you’d like to know more, consider the advantages of hardwood mulch now for your yard and landscape.  Whether you buy and apply personally, or have it professionally installed, the lasting benefits will go a long way towards making your property the best that it can be.

They say the early bird get the worm, and that’s true.  You could see the Ever-Green crews out this week (above) working on corporate accounts in Vandalia and Troy.  But with landscaping we don’t worry about worms, we worry about weeds!

Early mulching will help you get the weeds…before they get you!