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New Website: And Thought On Future, Climate, And Change

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If you’ve been in the habit of reading the Evergreen website periodically, you’ve no doubt noticed that nothing’s changed in terms of content for several weeks.

That’s because for the first time in a decade we’ve made a substantive change to the site – in looks, its security, ease of navigation, and frankly…in its personality.  Evergreen has always prided itself on corporate personality, from the years of Joe Duncan as its president, to the current administration headed  by yours truly, Kirk Persinger.  When you call there’s a person there to answer the phone – Patty, or myself.  And there’s always opportunity to talk one-on-one about your questions, your projects, and your vision for your home and property.

Kirk Persinger

Kirk Persinger – President, Ever-Green Turf and Landscape

We think the new site reflects that – easier to find basic services, easier to put a name with a face, and the same easy short explanations for when to plant, when to mow, when to prune, and when to seek help.  The monthly and seasonal blogs will still be there for you to consult.

The new site, in the future, will also reflect some of the conversation within our industry about climate change, and how to address it – how to respond.  Personally, we see no change in the fact that all things that grow are going to need water, nutrition, weed control, and proper maintenance (mowing).  But if there are matters of climate change it will probably signal the need to be more diligent on the timing and efficiency with which you address those same basic needs.

Water at the most efficient times.

Fertilize when plants are at their most receptive state, and coordinate with proper watering.

Mow to manage the look and health of your lawn, not just when its convenient.

In other words, nothing is probably going to change for the sake of climate, except the need to be more precise and observant about when your lawn and landscaping needs attention.  Many of you have done that already, for years.

We’ll be sharing the same kind of information we’ve always provided, but probably with more attention to hitting the right spots on the calendar.  There’s no question, that a good fall feeding is the most important nitrogen application of the year.  Likewise, aeration, and a fresh breath of air for lawn management, is still an important priority between now and whenever the ground freezes.  Do these things, and do them on time, and you’re already ahead of the clock, come spring.  Because we’ve never known what spring will bring.

I hope you enjoy the new ite, and the future conveniences it promises to bring to your relationship with Evergreen.  Just like our daily priority with your landscaping needs, the goal is to make things better, easier, and more reliable.

Thank you for your business…Kirk Persinger, President

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