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Who Do You Trust, And Call, For Lawn Care…?

If you’re shopping for lawn and landscaping service this spring you have a decision that encompasses more than just product and service.

And that is…who are the people behind the ads on television, and on the internet?  Are you contacting marketers when you call, or are you actually talking to the professionals on the ground?

It’s an issue bigger than you suspect, because that’s how large corporate entities in the field operate in the modern culture.  Recruit as many names as possible, get an infusion of cash flow to start the season, and if you lose those people by mid-summer, for whatever reason, what makes the difference?  There’s always another call to make, or online discount to attract replacements.

Why go through this.  Every spring Ever-Green hears from those who have, who call to question not only how much does the service cost, but who can they trust to show up and do the work.  And when?  And who’s responsible, ultimately?

The answer is still, what it’s been since the beginning in 1976.  Ever-Green is owned and operated locally, the information is clearly public and accessible on this website, and when you call the office you always get a friendly, and familiar voice on other end.  Office manager Patti Johnston has been withe company more than thirty years, while owner and president Kirk Persinger has come up through the ranks at Ever-Green for now going on twenty years.

The point is, that locally owned means there are people who know your neighborhood, your challenges, and in fifty years of service already have customers in your neighborhood with the same conditions.  And with a full staff of applicators on the road daily, you’re never going to be an appointment on the calendar three weeks out.  In most cases you’ll get a response and visit from Ever-Green within twenty four hours, and many times from the president, himself.

If peace of mind is an important part of your decision making on which lawn care company to hire, we urge you to look carefully at the new Ever-Green site and get a feel for the personal attention given to every category of service listed.

If trust and communication is your bottom line, take the time to consult and existing Ever-Green customer.  Or just look for yourself.

Chances are, the best looking property on your block is already…an Ever-Green property!

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